Cancellation Policy

When you cancel your flying at the last moment, you don't only reduce the income we use to feed our staff and ourselves, you also take away the seat of someone else who could have flown that day. That would not be fair for anyone - and since we're sure you're all for fairness, we've drafted this fair and square deposit and cancellation policy.

If you cancel your flying before the day of your flying an extended validity of 1 month will be given (OR) 50% of the money will be refunded to your bank account.

If you cancel your flying on the day of your flying no refund has been done

If we cancel your flying due to unforeseen circumstances (weather, logistical problem, etc) you can either reschedule your flying at any available date of your convinience (OR) get full refund of the money to your account.

If we cancel your flying because you don't show up, are late, drunk, hung-over or other similar state deemed by our staff to be unsafe to fly you lose your money and owe Myflying in any upnpaid funds as well, as you took away the seat for another paying customer.